Registration is open for this year’s feature of NEA GROUP’s virtual in-house exhibition. On November 15, 2022, visitors get deep insights into our design and simulation processes. KO3, NEA GROUP’s unique design software, represents expert knowledge in digitized form and creates noticeable customer benefits across all phases of a plant lifecycle. 

In two hours full of use cases, we give an impression how powerful KO3 is in delivering tangible plant layouts during a project development phase, how quickly diagnosis engineers integrate actual machine data in simulations for smooth handling of troubleshooting situations and how smart plant modernization works when existing plants are to be modernized.

Register for NEA SOLUTIONS DAY on November 15:

SESSION 1: 09:00-11:00h (CET) / 12:00-14:00 (Abu Dhabi) / 16:00-18:00 (Beijing)

SESSION 2: 17:00-19:00h (CET) / 16:00-18:00 (London) / 11:00-13:00 (New York)


"Basics of Plant Design with KO3"

Prof. Dr. Klaus Hoff,
Technical Managing Director Compressors NEA GROUP

"Creating Technical Budget Information with KO3 – Hydrogen Pipeline Feed Compressor and a large-scale HRS after Electrolysis"

Philipp Scheuvens, Applications Manager NEUMAN & ESSER Deutschland 

"Detailed Engineering for FID - Capacity Control for an LNG-Terminal BOG Compressor"

Arndt Viets, Managing Director NEUMAN & ESSER South-East Asia

"Plant Behavior Simulation in Anomaly Situations – Real-Time Machine Data for Troubleshooting"

René Anke, Head of Technical Consulting NEAC 

"From NG to H2 – Making Existing Equipment ready for the Energy Transition – Conversions of Lube to Non-Lube Machines with the Right Sealing Materials"

Kathrin Haas, Revamp & Modernization NEUMAN & ESSER Deutschland / Dr. Marc Langela, Head of Material and Product Development STASSKOL

Expert Talk

hosted by
Jens Wulff, Managing Director NEUMAN & ESSER Deutschland