NEA Group

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The OEM Customer Service Organisation

  • NEAC Compressor Service is the OEM Customer Service Organisation for all piston compressor products of the NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP. In addition, NEAC also holds the original order documents and original drawings for the compressor brands of Linde, Esslinger/ GHH, Demag, MaFa Wurzen, Chicago Pneumatic, Halberg, KSB (Erhardt & Sehmer) and PPC (PENN PROCESS COMPRESSORS aka PENN PUMP). Overmore the NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP acquired from MAN Turbo AG the entire division of After-Sales Service for Borsig-Berlin piston compressors built in Berlin up to the end of 1995.

    On this basis, we are officially the only company who, as OEM supplier, can supply spare parts and service for these brands. This is certified and contractually agreed between NEAC and the companies who previously held the licences and/ or original documents and drawings.