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Grinding & Classifying Systems

  • Bentonite Grinding Systems

    Bentonite is a typical application for pendulum roller mills.
    It is a special layer silicate mainly consisting of the swellable clay mineral montmorillonite. It is widely used as a
    bonding agent, adsorbent, stabilizer and additive.

    Typical applications are:

    • binder in foundries
    • color developer
    • additive for animal feed
    • additive to improve appearance and quality of beverages
    • decolorizer and purifier for edible oils
    • rheological stabilizer in cosmetics
    • softener and whitener in detergents
    • stabilizer and thickener in paints
    • stabilizer in ceramics
    • heat stabilizer in plastics
  • Bentonite Grinding Systems


    - since 1956 in grinding and drying of bentonite, bentonitecoal mixtures and bleaching earth in pendulum roller mills;

    - today, more than 50 bentonite grinding systems are in successful operation

    coarse grinds: 15 - 25 % > 63 μm for foundry fine grinds:
    1 % > 45 μm for food, filler, paper; highest classifying performance with sharp top cuts by SDR Radial Classifier

    feed material: 12 - 18 % H2O; final product: 8 - 10 % H2O for keeping good activation; with feed moisture more than
    12 % H2O a hot gas generator is provided

  • Bentonite Grinding Systems