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NEA 560hs

Cyclon Cartridge Dust Collector

The medium to high speed compressor frame is specifically designed to operate up to 1200rpm. The 560hs can load engines and motors up to 10,000 BHP in a 4 throw configuration to increase uptime while reducing parts consumption.

NEA PCW Cyclone Cartridge Dust Collectors combine the benefits of a conventional cyclone collector with those of a cartridge dust collector.


Direct Drive

The new, oil free Seismic Air Power System NEA BLUESAPS, equipped with the NEA reciprocating compressor, saves up to 450 liters of oil and 110 m³ of oil-contaminated condensate every 1,000 operating hours.

"Easy Life with Direct Drive" – The direct drive for the pendulum roller mill greatly shortens maintenance downtime. The new drive concept reduces the noise below 80 dB (A) and increases energy efficiency.