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Compressor After Market

  • Diagnosis

    Mobile On-Site Compressor Diagnosis

    • Dynamic cylinder pressure measurement (pressure-over-time- and pressure-over volume-charts) to determine the thermodynamic compressor condition
    • Analysis of recorded data through simulation with comparison between TRUE and PERFECT condition
    • Gas pulsation measurement in pipelines, e.g. for root cause identification of abnormal vibrations
    • Investigation of the vibration level at the compressor and its accessories to prevent potential vibration related damage
  • Diagnosis

    Inspection of the thermodynamic and mechanical compressor condition


    • Recalculation of the flow capacity for true process conditions


    • Calculation of the theoretical power consumption and comparison with true measured values (e. g. from process trends)


    • Check calculation of compressor parts


    • Investigation of the bearing load on the basis of process data in comparison with the design figures 
      (e. g. in case of bearing failures)


    • Simulation to identify deviations between true and theoretical process conditions 
      (e. g. interstage pressures and temperatures in case of off-sets).
  • Diagnosis



    Data recording from rotating or movin parts with wireless data transfer.


    • measurement of the mechanical load of compressor parts (e.g. piston rod) through strain gauges


    • Wireless vibration measurement for the assessment of operational dynamics (e.g. flywheel)


    • Measurement of relative movement of compressor parts during operation 
      (e.g. coupling flanges; for the evaluation of the dynamic coupling load)