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Grinding & Classifying Systems

  • Pendulum Roller Mill with Direct Drive PM DD
    Gearless pendulum roller mill

    • patented Direct Drive system of the mill with multipole synchrone motor
    • simplified mill design, eliminating e.g. gearbox, couplings and oil lubrication
    • variable grinding speed for optimized process conditions


    • drive and mill rotor with pendulums, are completely removable in one step for efficient external maintenance
    • highest process utilization due to lowest downtime
  • Pendulum Roller Mill with Direct Drive PM DD

    Operating method
    The material is fed to the mill by a feeding device and
    drops onto the bottom of the lower mill housing. In front of
    each pendulum a rotary shovel is installed which picks up
    the material from the bottom and feeds it between the rolls
    and the grinding ring. Here the grinding of the material
    takes place. An air stream lifts the ground product from the lower mill housing, into a static or dynamic classifier mounted on top of the mill. This classifier can be adjusted to the required particle size. The separated coarse product flows back to the mill for regrinding. Fine material is drawn through the classifier and is sucked into a dust collector.

  • Pendulum Roller Mill with Direct Drive PM DD