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Grinding & Classifying Systems

  • Powder Coatings Grinding Systems

    Applications, Process, Properties
    Today powder coating can be applied to most materials capable of holding an electrical charge, even glass or MDF.

    The three steps of powder coating production:

    • Pre-weighing and Premixing of raw materials
    • Extrusion, cooling and forming of chips
    • Grinding the chips with the Impact Classifier Mill to powder of a specific particle size distribution.

    The advantages compared to liquid paint are:

    • a tougher / harder finish
    • thicker coatings without running or sagging
    • possible reuse / recycling of overspray powder
    • easier / safer production (e.g. solvents are not required.)
  • Powder Coatings Grinding Systems

    NEA Benefits

    Experience: In 1992 the development of the ICM IMPACT CLASSIFIER MILL started
    leading to several patents, especially for the use in the powder coating industry.
    Today ICM systems are first choice of leading coating producers.

    Particle size distribution:

    • sharp top cuts + narrow particle size distributions due to NEA classifying technology
    • reduced amount of fines dues to large grinding chamber with gentile and cooler grinding process              

    Operation cost:

    • savings due to direct drive design, low maintenance and heavy duty design
    • increased utilization by easiest cleaning for quick colour changes
  • Powder Coatings Grinding Systems