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Grinding & Classifying Systems

  • Phosphate Grinding Systems

    Application and Process  

    More than 80% of Phosphate Rock P2O5 is used for the production of fertilizers. It is also processed to recover the element phosphorus (P). This element is a nutrient, vital to human, animal and plant life. Naturally occuring Phosphate Rock is mainly mined in Florida, China, the North of Africa and Russia. In the fertilizer process, ground phosphate is treated with sulphuric acid, forming "phosphoric acid" and "Single Super Phosphate" (SSP). Phosphate and phosphoric acid are forming "Triple Super Phosphate" (TSP)." Mono Ammonia Phosphate" and "Di Ammonia Phosphate" are the end products after the chemical reaction of Phosphate with Ammonia.

  • Phosphate Grinding Systems

    NEA Benefits

    Experience since 1954 in Phosphate Rock grinding
    today 24 Phosphate grinding systems
    are in successful operation
    Fineness typical product fineness of
    90% < 150 μm or 96% < 150 μm
    with sharp top cuts by SDR Radial Classifier

  • Phosphate Grinding Systems