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Revamp & Modernisation

Reciprocating compressors often operate for 50 years and longer, so requirements for the equipment can change over the years. Revamping and modernisation work is carried out in response to economic needs to:

  • increase performance
  • improvement of machine efficiency
  • adaptation to changed process parameters
  • improve vibration performance of the equipment
  • reduce use of resources by switching from lubricated to dry operation

Modification of compressors brings considerable cost advantages in comparison with a new installation, since only parts are replaced which are unsuitable for the new process. Structural improvements are introduced to extend the working life of the machine by a considerable factor.

In all reconstruction and modernisation operations, customers value NEAC’s expertise in regard to planning, construction and implementation of special client-specific solutions. The guarantees for delivery, output and operating periods of the old equipment meet those of new machines by