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Compression Systems


    NEUMAN & ESSER provides a comprehensive assortment of high-pressure compressors as energy source for air gun systems in the seismic industry: from the first planning stage, construction and commissioning up to widespread service.

    The NEA Seismic Air Power System (NEA SAPS) consists of a screw compressor and a V-type, three-stage, two-cylinder reciprocating compressor. The screw compressor compresses the air from atmospheric pressure to approx. 15 bar g; the reciprocating compressor compresses the air to the desired delivery pressure.

    Compared to a solution with only one reciprocating compressor, the NEA SAPS unit is considerably smaller and lighter and does not transfer any vibrations to the vessel. Moreover, this system requires fewer wear parts such as suction and discharge valves or piston and guide rings. This reduces servicing work to a minimum.

    NEA SAPS can either be equipped with electrical or diesel drives. They are water-cooled with a closed water cycle and a heat exchanger. The system is designed for continuous operation and surrounding conditions such as sea water inlet temperatures of up to 37°C (98°F) and suction air temperatures of up to 45°C (113°F).

    Since 2006 NEUMAN & ESSER offers NEA SAPS units for the seismic industry. NEA continued the improvement process until then and provides a robust, state-of-the-art solution. NEA SAPS is a well proven technology supporting customers in meeting current as well as future challenges.

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    Standard SAPS
    The NEA SAPS range incorporates eight construction sizes in the electrical version and six construction sizes with diesel drive. The smallest system supplies 20 m³/min (700 cfm) and the largest capacity is 78 m³/min (2,750 cfm). The higher volume enables shorter intervals when shooting with the air guns, making it possible for the systems to provide more precise data and above all to save time. The pressures for the different recips for seismic applications are identical at a maximum of 207 bar (3,000 psi).

    Containerized SAPS
    The container version of NEA SAPS is weatherproof protected and appropriate for installation both above and below the deck. The particularly compact construction is applicable as stationary or portable version, i.e. on a truck.

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    The oil-free version BLUESAPS®, is a further development. This SAPS version saves a considerable amount of oil and, perhaps even more importantly, a great quantity of oil-contaminated condensate which would be costly to dispose of. NEA BLUESAPS® systems supply pure air with a 2-stage oil-free screw compressor and a 3-stage oil-free recip.

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