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Compression Systems

  • Flex Labyrinth

    …an effective alternative for the conventional labyrinth systems.
    The range of application for labyrinth systems for reciprocating compressors are:

    • compression of gases with abrasive particles
    • compression of gases with the affinity to polymerize (e.g. in petrochemical application
    • compression of oxygen due to fire hazard
    • applications requiring a long continuous operation of the compressor, where even higher leakages can be accepted

    The flexible labyrinth system, represents an effective alternative for the conventional non-contacting labyrinth systems, which has been improved and optimised in the meantime.
    The essential part of these improvements is the way to guide piston and piston rod. The originally used so-called “tail rod guidance” was replaced by a combination of piston guide rings and sleeve bearings, mounted at the lower part of the piston rod.

  • Flex Labyrinth

    This lower guide bearing relieves the piston guide rings in radial direction, so that any wear is almost excluded.
    This will ensure an ideal alignment of the flexible piston rings, and little leakage is guaranteed even for piston diameters exceeding 500 mm.

    The possibilities of the NEA FLEXLABYRINTH system can be demonstrated with the following example:

    An air compressor with rod diameter 70 mm, discharge pressure 20 bar and flow rate 2,900 m³/h (standard) was additionally equipped with this system. Leakage was measured with approx. 25 m³/h (standard). After an operation period of approx. 17,000 hours, no noteworthy wear of the guide rings could be noted.