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  • The NEA reciprocating compressor unit is an important part in the entirety of a customer’s process engineering and production facility. Therefore the compressor unit needs to be planned, designed and engineered in a proper way in order to ensure sustainable functionality.

    The 3D CAD software is used during the complete NEA sales and engineering process, starting form the first proposal in the project phase up to the training of user personnel when commissioning the delivered unit on-site.

    Beginning with a P& I diagram, the CAD operator designs the layout. Already at the project phase, the client is supported with information regarding tie in points of gas and auxiliary systems and the dimensioning of compressor buildings or further facilities. During contract handling, a three dimensional realistic visualization of the pipe routing and checking possible collisions is part of the CAD designer’s daily work.

  • All NEA Group Sales & Application centres create small sized data files of the compressor plant design. Together with a small (free) graphic software which is easy to handle, these files are available for all customers. It makes life easier, since the client can see and walk through his new compressor unit on his own computer long before delivery of the hardware. Even auxiliary units such as closed cooling water or lube oil skids or details of individual parts are efficiently visualized. The benefit of this interaction between customer and NEA is a well designed and engineered product according to operational safety aspects and the client’s requirements and specifications. Customer support is continued on-site during training sessions for the owner’s personnel as part of commissioning work.