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Impressive and Powerful

30. June 2014

After several years of intense processing work, NEA América do Sul successfully completed an important job this past April. It included the installation and commissioning of the first three compressor systems in South America with the impressive NEA size 500 frame compressor with 1,000 kN rod load.

These systems with three-stage and four-crank NEA reciprocating processors are designed according to the API 618 5th edition and were installed in the new diesel desulfurization unit (HDS) S-10 at the largest refinery in Brazil. The construction of this HDS unit, managed by a well-known Brazilian contractor, took more than four years and is one of the most significant investments of the giant Brazilian oil company.

Each system is driven by a 6 MW strong synchronized electric motor and consists of a large number of components which make all “engineering hearts” beat faster: pulsation dampers, interstage process gas coolers, a frame-mounted oil system according to API with stainless steel components, remote control panels, an installed monitoring system, hydraulic stepless flow control system and a lot more was carried out in accordance with the order.

All three units for the diesel desulfurization process are designed for a volume flow of up to 55,000 Nm³/h hydrogen with a suction pressure of 20 bar g and a discharge pressure of 140 bar g. Here, without exception, NEA América do Sul was responsible for the concept and its implementation “from the first stroke of the pen” in detailed engineering to successful installation and start-up.