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    NEUMAN & ESSER Verwaltungs- und Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH
    Werkstraße w/o no.
    52531 Übach-Palenberg
    Represented by:         Alexander W. Peters, Stefanie Peters, Hanns H. Begass
    E-mail:                        info@neuman-esser.de
    Telephone:                  +49 (0)2451 481 01  
    Fax:                             +49 (0)2451 481 100

    Register entry:
    Entry in the Commercial Register:
    Register Court:           District Court Aachen
    Register number:        HRB 9573

    Value-added-tax I.D.:
    Value-added-tax Identity Number in terms of Section 27a Sales Tax Law:

    Responsible for the content pursuant to Section 55 Para 2 RStV [Interstate Broadcasting Treaty]:
    Martina Frenz, Manager Corporate Communications
    (see address above)

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    External Data Protection Commissioner pursuant to the Federal Data Protection Act:
    Stefan Kleinermann

    Online Editor and Administration:
    Martina Frenz, Manager Marketing, NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP
    Claudia E. Klug

    Dominique Pfeiffer, cap.io Company Communications

    Content liability
    The content on our pages is created with the greatest care. However, we cannot assume any guarantee or liability for the content's correctness, completeness and topicality.
    As a service provider we are responsible for our own content published on this website according to Section 7 Para 1 TMG in accordance with general laws. However, pursuant to Sections 8 to 10 TMG we, as a service provider, are not obliged to monitor transmitted or stored third party information or to search for circumstances which point to illegal activities. Obligations to remove or block the use of information in terms of general laws remain unaffected hereof. A relevant liability is, however, only possible from the moment we become aware of an actual infringement. We will immediately remove such content once we become aware of corresponding infringements.

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    Liability for links
    Our offer includes links to external third party websites which are outside our sphere of influence. Therefore, we cannot assume any guarantee for such third-party content. The relevant provider or operator of the linked pages is always responsible for the content. The linked pages are checked for possible legal infringements at the time the link was created. No illegal content was recognizable at the time the link was created. A permanent control of the content of the linked pages is, however, unreasonable without concrete indications of an infringement. As soon as infringements become known, we shall immediately remove such links.

    Content and works created by the site operator on these pages are subject to German copyright law. Duplication, processing, distribution and any kind of exploitation beyond the scope of copyright law require the written approval of the relevant author and/or creator. Downloads and copies of this page are only permitted for private and non-commercial use. As far as the content on this page was not created by the operator, any third party copyright has been taken into consideration. In particular, third party content has been marked as such. Should you nevertheless become aware of a copyright infringement, please kindly notify us. As soon as infringements become known, we shall immediately remove such content.

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    Data protection
    Each time a user accesses the content of our website and/or retrieves a file, the relevant information on this action is temporarily stored in a log file and processed.

    This means:

    -  For us, postal addresses and E-mail addresses which have to be provided 
       within the scope of enquiries or ordering information material (via E-mail or
       contact form) only serve the purpose of processing your request. Only
       absolutely essential data is stored and processed.
    -  When you access this website, certain information on the access is stored on
       our server (date, time, pages called up). The IP-address is anonymized once
       the communication process is completed. It is merely used for statistical
       purposes. Evaluations only take place in an anonymized form and serve
       towards improving the range of services.  
    -  We do not pass on your personal data to third parties.
    -  We do not use ActiveX Controls.

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