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  • NEAC Compressor Service is your partner for organising seminars and trainings for NEUMAN & ESSER reciprocating compressors and other brands. The training is particular meant for customers who want to acquire profound knowledge about the function and mode of operation of their compressors, in practice as well as in theory. For this purpose coordinated modular training concepts are offered with contents that are tailor-made for the respective group of participants.

    The three types of training

    • type 1 – seminar `maintenance and repair of reciprocating compressors´  includes information about the function and mode of operation of reciprocating compressors and their accessories

    • type 2 - `project-oriented, theoretical training´ additionally imparts all important details of the customer’s plant on the basis of the operating manual

    • type 3 - `project-oriented, theoretical and practical training´ additionally offers practical details at training compressors.
  • Your benefit:

    The modular training programme turns you into a maintenance professional!


    Putting into practice:

    By means of seminars, courses of instructions and trainings you will reach a state of knowledge that will enable you to carry out basic maintenance works professsionally. Moreover you get to know the reciprocating compressors behaviour in order to be able to handle basic trouble-shooting and to be thus in a position to operate the compressor efficiently.


    The next dates for the seminar `Servicing and Maintenance of Recip Compressors´ are:


    • 03rd Nov. - 5th Nov. 2015 - 3-day-seminar English
      incl. practical day                  

    Dates of German Seminars

  • If you are interested in participating in one of these seminars, please fill in the registration form, sign it and return it to us.

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    However, if desired, we are gladly prepard to arrange your individual training programme. Please send us your enquiry – on our enquiry form – per e-mail or facsimile.

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