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  • Laser Measurement

    Check of compressor set-up; its alignment as well as form and position of frame parts (e. g. main bearings, crosshead guide and cylinder)              

    3D-Laser (+3D-Laser picture):

    1. Verification of compressor parts form and position tolerances (e. g. in the run of an acceptance procedure after machining of a frame or cylinder)
    2. Determination of the spherical frame location (e. g. in conjunction with frame removal and new set-up after a foundation repair)     
    3. Accurate alignment as well as form and position check of compressor parts that have been manufactured individually and are afterwards assembled one after the other “in a row” or in adjacent positions (e. g. multi-stage compressors with two crankcases and motor located between frames where all axes of motor and frames require exact alignment to each other)



  • Laser Measurement

    2D-Laser (+2D-Laser picture):

    1. Foundation and/or frame planarity ceck
    2. Main bearing axis concentricity verification
    3. Measurement of crosshead guide perpendicularity  vs. main bearing axis
    4. Cylinder to crosshead guide concentricity check