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Cyclon Cartridge Dust Collector

BLUESTROKE® for lossless volume flow regulation of a NEA reciprocating compressor. By feats of variable stroke control. Sophisticated concept to manage energy consumption with utmost precision.

NEA PCW Cyclone Cartridge Dust Collectors combine the benefits of a conventional cyclone collector with those of a cartridge dust collector.


Direct Drive

The new, oil free Seismic Air Power System NEA BLUESAPS, equipped with the NEA reciprocating compressor, saves up to 450 liters of oil and 110 m³ of oil-contaminated condensate every 1,000 operating hours.

"Easy Life with Direct Drive" – The direct drive for the pendulum roller mill greatly shortens maintenance downtime. The new drive concept reduces the noise below 80 dB (A) and increases energy efficiency.