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Voluntary Engagement of the Peters Family

The engagement for the health system is running like a red thread through the history of NEUMAN & ESSER. It was already Oscar Peters who got actively involved in the Red Cross. At the end of World War I he agreed to be elected to the executive board of a local hospital society. His grandchild Klaus Peters has been belonging to the executive board since 2002. With the regional state medical insurance AOK Heinsberg he was part of the supervisory board for a period of about 10 years. Within the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of the City of Aachen Klaus Peters made great efforts for the regional economy, just like his daughter Stefanie is doing today.

On the occasion of the 175th company jubilee the Peters family decided in 2005 to establish their own foundation: the ‘NEUMAN & ESSER Stiftung der Familie Peters’. It is the foundation’s purpose to support science and research, culture and the protection of historic buildings and monuments as well as regional history, in particular in the industrial region of Aachen. The sponsorship purpose is realised by looking after and preserving buildings and technical installations, by scientific scholarships and grants to museums and collections.